Workflow Management System Simulation Workbench

Accurate, scalable, and reproducible simulations

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Simulation Building Blocks

Prototype implementations of Workflow Management System (WMS) components and underlying algorithms

Simulation Accuracy

Captures the behavior of a real-world system with as little bias as possible via validated simulation models


Low ratio of simulation time to simulated time, ability to run large simulations on a single computer with low compute, memory, and energy footprints

Reproducible Results

Enable the reproduction or repetition of published results by a party working independently using the same or different simulation models.

WRENCH provides a software framework that makes it possible to simulate large-scale hypothetical scenarios quickly and accurately on a single computer, obviating the need for expensive and time-consuming trial and error experiments.

WRENCH enables scientists to make quick and informed choices when executing their workflows, software developers to implement more efficient software infrastructures to support workflows, and researchers to develop novel efficient algorithms to be embedded within these software infrastructures.

Development Status

Next Release: 1.1 (Estimated release date: mid September/2018)


Meet the Team

WRENCH is a collaborative effort between the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, the University of Southern California, and the SimGrid team.