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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBatchServiceA batch-scheduled ComputeService
 CBatchServicePropertyProperties for a BatchService
 CCloudServiceA cloud ComputeService
 CCloudServicePropertyProperties for a CloudService
 CComputeServiceA top-level class that defines a compute service
 CComputeServicePropertyProperties for a ComputeService
 CComputeThreadHasDiedA "compute thread has died" failure cause
 CDataMovementManagerA helper daemon (co-located with a WMS) that handles data movement operations
 CDynamicOptimizationAn abstract dynamic optimization class
 CFailureCauseA top-level class to describe all simulation-valid failures that can occur during workflow execution
 CFatalFailureUnknown failure cause
 CFileNotFoundA "file is not found" failure cause
 CFileRegistryServiceA file registry service (a.k.a. replica catalog)
 CFileRegistryServicePropertyProperties for a FileRegistryService
 CJobCannotBeForgottenA "job cannot be forgotten" failure cause
 CJobCannotBeTerminatedA "job cannot be terminated" failure cause
 CJobManagerA helper daemon (co-located with the WMS) to handle job executions
 CJobTypeNotSupportedA "compute service does not support requested job type" failure cause
 CMultihostMulticoreComputeServiceA ComputeService that runs on a set of multi-core hosts
 CMultihostMulticoreComputeServicePropertyProperties for a MultiHostMulticoreComputeService
 CNetworkErrorA "network error (or endpoint is down)" failure cause
 CNetworkProximityServiceA network proximity service
 CNetworkProximityServicePropertyProperties for a NetworkProximityService
 CNetworkTimeoutA "network timout" failure cause
 CNoStorageServiceForFileA "file cannot be found anywhere" failure cause
 CNotEnoughComputeResourcesA "compute service doesn't have enough cores" failure cause
 CPilotJobA pilot WorkflowJob
 CPilotJobSchedulerA pilot job scheduler
 CSchedulerA workflow scheduler
 CServiceA top-level class that defines a service
 CServiceIsDownA "service is down" failure cause
 CServicePropertyProperties for a Service
 CSimpleStorageServiceA simple StorageService implementation
 CSimpleStorageServicePropertyProperties for a SimpleStorageService
 CSimulationThe simulation state
 CSimulationOutputThe post-mortem simulation-generated data
 CSimulationTimestampA simulation-generated timestamp
 CSimulationTimestampTaskCompletionA "task completion" simulation timestamp
 CSimulationTraceA template class to represent a trace of timestamps
 CStandardJobA standard (i.e., non-pilot) workflow job
 CStaticOptimizationAn abstract static optimization class
 CStorageServiceA top-level class that defines a storage service
 CStorageServiceFileAlreadyThereA "file already there" failure cause
 CStorageServiceNotEnoughSpaceA "not enough space on storage service" failure cause
 CStorageServicePropertyProperties for a StorageService
 CTerminalOutputColor-enabling wrappers around Simgrid's XBT_INFO, XBT_DEBUG, XBT_WARN logging macros
 CWMSA top-level class that defines a workflow management system (WMS)
 CWorkflowA workflow that an be executed by a WMS
 CWorkflowExecutionEventA class to represent the various execution events that are relevant to the execution of a workflow
 CWorkflowExecutionExceptionAn generic exception that is thrown whenever something unexpected (but simulation-valid) occurrs during the simulated execution of a WMS
 CWorkflowFileA data file used/produced by a WorkflowTask in a Workflow
 CWorkflowJobAbstraction of a job used for executing tasks in a Workflow
 CWorkflowTaskA computational task in a Workflow