Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBatchServiceA batch-scheduled ComputeService
 CBatchServicePropertyProperties for a BatchService
 CCloudServiceA cloud ComputeService
 CCloudServicePropertyProperties for a CloudService
 CComputeServiceA top-level class that defines a compute service
 CComputeServicePropertyProperties for a ComputeService
 CFileRegistryServiceA file registry service (a.k.a. replica catalog)
 CFileRegistryServicePropertyProperties for a FileRegistryService
 CMultihostMulticoreComputeServiceA ComputeService that runs on a set of multi-core hosts
 CMultihostMulticoreComputeServicePropertyProperties for a MultiHostMulticoreComputeService
 CNetworkProximityServiceA network proximity service
 CNetworkProximityServicePropertyProperties for a NetworkProximityService
 CPilotJobSchedulerA pilot job scheduler
 CSchedulerA workflow scheduler
 CServiceA top-level class that defines a service
 CServicePropertyProperties for a Service
 CSimpleStorageServiceA simple StorageService implementation
 CSimpleStorageServicePropertyProperties for a SimpleStorageService
 CSimulationThe simulation state
 CSimulationOutputThe post-mortem simulation-generated data
 CSimulationTimestampA simulation-generated timestamp
 CSimulationTimestampTaskCompletionA "task completion" simulation timestamp
 CStorageServiceA top-level class that defines a storage service
 CStorageServicePropertyProperties for a StorageService
 CWMSA top-level class that defines a workflow management system (WMS)
 CWorkflowA workflow that an be executed by a WMS
 CWorkflowFileA data file used/produced by a WorkflowTask in a Workflow
 CWorkflowTaskA computational task in a Workflow