Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCBatchServiceA batch-scheduled compute service that manages a set of compute hosts and controls access to their resource via a batch queue
|oCBatchServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a BatchService
|oCCloudServiceA cloud-based compute service that manages a set of physical hosts and controls access to their resources by (transparently) executing jobs in VM instances
|oCCloudServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a CloudService
|oCComputeServiceThe compute service base class
|oCComputeServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a ComputeService
|oCMultihostMulticoreComputeServiceA compute service that manages a set of multi-core compute hosts and controls access to their resources using various scheduling strategies
|oCMultihostMulticoreComputeServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a MultiHostMulticoreComputeService
|oCVirtualizedClusterServiceA simulated virtualized cluster-based compute service
|oCVirtualizedClusterServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a VirtualizedClusterService
|oCFileRegistryServiceA file registry service (a.k.a. replica catalog) that holds a database of which files are available at which storage services. A WMS can add, lookup, and remove entries at will from this database
|oCFileRegistryServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a FileRegistryService
|oCNetworkProximityServiceA simulated network proximity service that estimates inter-host latencies and can be queries for such estimates
|oCNetworkProximityServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a NetworkProximityService
|oCServiceA simulated service that can be added to the simulation
|oCServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a Service
|oCSimpleStorageServiceA simulated simple storage service that provides direct access to some storage resource (e.g., a disk)
|oCSimpleStorageServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a SimpleStorageService
|oCStorageServiceA simulated storage service
|oCStorageServicePropertyConfigurable properties for a StorageService
|oCSimulationThe simulation state
|oCSimulationOutputPost-mortem simulation-generated data
|oCSimulationTimestampA time-stamped simulation event stored in SimulationOutput
|oCSimulationTimestampTaskCompletionA "task completion" timestamped simulation event
|oCPilotJobSchedulerA (mostly virtual) base class for implementing pilot job schedulers
|oCStandardJobSchedulerA (mostly virtual) base class for implementing standard job schedulers
|oCWMSA simulated workflow management system (WMS)
|oCWorkflowA workflow (to be executed by a WMS)
|oCWorkflowFileA data file used/produced by a WorkflowTask in a Workflow
|\CWorkflowTaskA computational task in a Workflow
oCFileCopyCompletedEventA "file copy has completed" WorkflowExecutionEvent
oCFileCopyFailedEventA "file copy has failed" WorkflowExecutionEvent
oCPilotJobExpiredEventA "pilot job has expired" WorkflowExecutionEvent
oCPilotJobStartedEventA "pilot job has started" WorkflowExecutionEvent
oCStandardJobCompletedEventA "standard job has completed" WorkflowExecutionEvent
\CStandardJobFailedEventA "standard job has failed" WorkflowExecutionEvent