Downloading the latest stable version

WRENCH 1.8 (February 18, 2021)


This release includes a series of new features and bug fixes, including:

  • I/O simulation model that includes the key features of the Linux page cache
  • Extended HTCondor component model to simulate executions of the HTCondor Grid Universe
  • A number of improvements to the WRENCH Dashboard (including visualization of I/O reads and writes and customizations)
  • A number of documentation improvements, bug fixes, and code enhancements

**Requires SimGrid 3.26

Installation Documentation Docker Containers
WRENCH's source code is available on GitHub. Our preferred channel to report a bug or request a feature is via WRENCH's Github Issues Track.

You can also reach the WRENCH team via our support email:
The WorkflowHub project provides a set of workflow traces and tools for generating synthetic, yet realistic, workflow traces which can be seamlessly used with simulators developed with WRENCH.

Retrieving the latest unstable version

If you want to use the latest unstable version, that will contain brand new features and can achieve up-to-date performances (but also contain bugs as the stabilization work is still underway), you may consider retrieving the latest unstable version.

Cloning from WRENCH's GitHub repository:

git clone