Publications, Simulators, and Research enabled by WRENCH

WRENCH Citations

WRENCH has enabled research in 18 research articles, and has been cited in 33 research publications. These articles include research outcomes produced by our own team as well as other researchers from the distributed computing community.

  1. External  Scalable end-to-end models for the time and energy performance of Fog infrastructures, L. Guegan, 2021.
  2. WRENCH-Simulator  Evaluating energy-aware scheduling algorithms for I/O-intensive scientific workflows, T. Coleman, H. Casanova, T. Gwartney, R. Ferreira da Silva, 2021.
  3. WRENCH-Simulator  GLUME: A Strategy for Reducing Workflow Execution Times on Batch-Scheduled Platforms, E. Hataishi, P-F. Dutot, R. Ferreira da Silva, H. Casanova, 2021.
  4. WRENCH-Simulator  Teaching Parallel and Distributed Computing Concepts in Simulation with WRENCH, H. Casanova, R. Tanaka, Koch, William, R. Ferreira da Silva, 2021.
  5. WRENCH-Simulator  WfChef: Automated Generation of Accurate Scientific Workflow Generators, T. Coleman, H. Casanova, R. Ferreira da Silva, 2021.
  6. WRENCH-Simulator  Modeling the Linux page cache for accurate simulation of data-intensive applications, H-D. Do, V. Hayot-Sasson, R. Ferreira da Silva, C. Steele, H. Casanova, T. Glatard, 2021.
  7. External  OpenDC 2.0: Convenient Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Technologies in Cloud Datacenters, F. Mastenbroek, G. Andreadis, S. Jounaid, W. Lai, J. Burley, J. Bosch, E.V. Eyk, L. Versluis, V.V. Beek, A. Iosup, 2021.
  8. WRENCH-Simulator  External  Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Variation-Aware Runtime-Reconfigurable Optical Interconnects, Y. Wang, 2021.
  9. WRENCH-Simulator  External  Modeling the Linux Page Cache for Accurate Simulation of Data-Intensive Applications, H-D. Do, 2021.
  10. WRENCH-Simulator  An Approach for Automating the Calibration of Simulations of Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, W. Koch, 2021.
  11. WRENCH-Simulator  External  Traffic-Adaptive Power Reconfiguration for Energy-Efficient and Energy-Proportional Optical Interconnects, Y. Wang, K. T. Cheng, 2021.
  12. WRENCH-Simulator  Characterizing, Modeling, and Accurately Simulating Power and Energy Consumption of I/O-intensive Scientific Workflows, R. Ferreira da Silva, H. Casanova, A-C. Orgerie, R. Tanaka, E. Deelman, F. Suter, 2020.
  13. External  Logistics Free Process Information System Based on Activiti+MongoDB, Liu C, Li SC, Lyu XF, 2020.
  14. External  Simplified Workflow Simulation on Clouds based on Computation and Communication Noisiness, R. Matha, S. Ristov, T. Fahringer, R. Prodan, 2020.
  15. WRENCH-Simulator  External  A Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Reducing Data Transfers in Cloud IaaS, J. E. Gnimassoun, T. N'Takpe, G. H. F. Diedie, S. Oumtanaga, 2020.
  16. WRENCH-Simulator  Efficient Execution of Scientific Workflows on Batch-Scheduled Clusters, E. Hataishi, 2020.
  17. WRENCH-Simulator  Modeling the Performance of Scientific Workflow Executions on HPC Platforms with Burst Buffers, L. Pottier, R. Ferreira da Silva, H. Casanova, E. Deelman, 2020.
  18. External  Predictive Resource Management for Scientific Workflows, C.P. Witt, 2020.
  19. WRENCH-Simulator  WorkflowHub: Community Framework for Enabling Scientific Workflow Research and Development, R. Ferreira da Silva, L. Pottier, T. Coleman, E. Deelman, H. Casanova, 2020.
  20. WRENCH-Simulator  Peachy Parallel Assignments (EduHPC 2020), H. Casanova, R. Ferreira da Silva, A. Gonzalez-Escribano, W. Koch, Y. Torres, D. P. Bunde, 2020.
  21. External  Integrating Machine Learning with HPC-driven Simulations for Enhanced Student Learning, V. Jadhao, J. Kadupitiya, 2020.
  22. External  Towards a Realistic Cloud Simulation, R. Mathá, 2020.
  23. Using Simple PID-inspired Controllers for Online Resilient Resource Management of Distributed Scientific Workflows, R. Ferreira da Silva, R. Filgueira, E. Deelman, E. Pairo-Castineira, I. M. Overton, M. Atkinson, 2019.
  24. Empowering Agroecosystem Modeling with HTC Scientific Workflows: The Cycles Model Use Case, R. Ferreira da Silva, R. Mayani, Y. Shi, A. R. Kemanian, M. Rynge, E. Deelman, 2019.
  25. WRENCH-Simulator  Accurately Simulating Energy Consumption of I/O-intensive Scientific Workflows, R. Ferreira da Silva, A-C. Orgerie, H. Casanova, R. Tanaka, E. Deelman, F. Suter, 2019.
  26. External  Data Management to Promote Near-Data Processing, F. Z. Boito, 2019.
  27. Bridging Concepts and Practice in eScience via Simulation-driven Engineering, R. Ferreira da Silva, H. Casanova, R. Tanaka, F. Suter, 2019.
  28. WRENCH-Simulator  Teaching Parallel and Distributed Computing Concepts in Simulation with WRENCH, R. Tanaka, R. Ferreira da Silva, H. Casanova, 2019.
  29. External  Contribution to High Performance Computing and Big Data Infrastructure Convergence, M. Mercier, 2019.
  30. External  A Top-Down Performance Analysis Methodology for Workflows: Tracking Performance Issues from Overview to Individual Operations, R. Tschueter, C. Herold, W. Williams, M. Knespel, M. Weber, 2019.
  31. WRENCH-Simulator  Scheduling Heuristics For Executing Scientific Workflows On Homogeneous Clusters With Globallyand Locally-Accessible Persistent Storage, S. Pandey, 2018.
  32. SMPI Courseware: Teaching Distributed-Memory Computing with MPI in Simulation, H. Casanova, A. Legrand, M. Quinson, F. Suter, 2018.
  33. External  Évaluation d’algorithmes d’ordonnancement par simulation réaliste, A. Faure, M. Poquet, O. Richard, 2018.


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Pegasus Workflow Management System
WRENCH-based simulator of the Pegasus WMS. It implements HTCondor and DAGMan workflow engine services as simulated core CI services.
  GitHub Repository
WorkQueue Application Execution Framework
WRENCH-based simulator of WorkQueue. It implements HTCondor and Pilot Job services as simulated core CI services.
  GitHub Repository
Burst Buffers
WRENCH-enabled simulator for running scientific workflows on burst buffers architecture.
  GitHub Repository   External
I/O-aware Energy-efficiency Scheduling
WRENCh-enabled simulator for evaluating energy consumption of I/O intensive workflows.
  GitHub Repository