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A Simple storage service is the simplest possible abstraction for a service that can store and provide workflow files. It has a certain storage capacity, and provides write, read, and delete operations on files. Writes and Reads can be done synchronously or asynchronously. In addition, higher-level semantics such as copying a file directly from a storage service to another are provided.

Creating a Simple storage service

In WRENCH, a Simple storage service represents a storage service (wrench::StorageService), which is defined by the wrench::SimpleStorage class. An instantiation of a Simple storage service requires the following parameters:

The example below shows how to create an instance of a Simple storage service that runs on host "Gateway", has access to 64TiB of storage. Furthermore, the number of maximum concurrent data connections supported by the service is configured to be 8:

auto storage_service = simulation->add(
{{wrench::SimpleStorageProperty::MAX_NUM_CONCURRENT_DATA_CONNECTIONS, "8"}}