class SimulationTimestampType

File, Source, Whoami used to be hashed as key for unordered multimap for ongoing file operations.

typedef std::tuple<std::shared_ptr<DataFile>, std::shared_ptr<FileLocation> , std::shared_ptr<StorageService> > File;

A top-level base class for simulation timestamps

Param file

- tuple of three strings relating to File, Source and Whoami


XOR of hashes of file size_t file_hash( const File & file );

Subclassed by wrench::SimulationTimestampEnergyConsumption, wrench::SimulationTimestampLinkUsage, wrench::SimulationTimestampPair, wrench::SimulationTimestampPstateSet

Public Functions

double getDate() const

Retrieve the date recorded for this timestamp.


the date of this timestamp