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wrench::SimulationTimestampFileReadCompletion Class Reference

A simulation timestamp class for file read completions. More...

#include <SimulationTimestampTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for wrench::SimulationTimestampFileReadCompletion:
wrench::SimulationTimestampFileRead wrench::SimulationTimestampPair wrench::SimulationTimestampType

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileRead
SimulationTimestampFileReadgetEndpoint () override
 Retrieve the matching endpoint, if any. More...
std::shared_ptr< DataFilegetFile ()
 retrieves the DataFile being
std::shared_ptr< StorageServicegetService ()
 retrieves the storage service for file
std::shared_ptr< FileLocationgetSource ()
 retrieves the location from which the DataFile is being copied More...
std::shared_ptr< WorkflowTaskgetTask ()
 retrieves task associated w/ file
- Public Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampPair
 SimulationTimestampPair ()
 SimulationTimestampPair (double date, SimulationTimestampPair *endpoint)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampType
 SimulationTimestampType ()
double getDate ()
 Retrieve the date recorded for this timestamp. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileRead
 SimulationTimestampFileRead (double date, std::shared_ptr< DataFile >file, std::shared_ptr< FileLocation > src, std::shared_ptr< StorageService > service, std::shared_ptr< WorkflowTask >task=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
void setEndpoints ()
 Sets the endpoint of the calling object (SimulationTimestampFileReadFailure, SimulationTimestampFileReadTerminated, SimulationTimestampFileReadStart) with a SimulationTimestampFileReadStart object.
- Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileRead
std::shared_ptr< DataFilefile
 The DataFile that was being read.
std::shared_ptr< StorageServiceservice
 Service that initiated the read.
std::shared_ptr< FileLocationsource
 The location where the DataFile was being read from.
std::shared_ptr< WorkflowTasktask
 Task tied to read.
- Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampPair
SimulationTimestampPairendpoint = nullptr
 An optional associated "endpoint" simulation timestamp.
- Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampType
double date = -0.1
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileRead
static std::unordered_multimap< FileReadWrite, std::pair< SimulationTimestampFileRead *, std::shared_ptr< WorkflowTask > > > pending_file_reads
 the data structure that holds the ongoing file reads. More...

Detailed Description

A simulation timestamp class for file read completions.

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