A base class for simulation timestamps regarding disk reads. More...

#include <SimulationTimestampTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead:
wrench::SimulationTimestampPair wrench::SimulationTimestampType wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskReadCompletion wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskReadFailure wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskReadStart

Public Member Functions

double getBytes ()
 retrieves the amount of bytes being
int getCounter ()
 To get counter of disk operation. More...
SimulationTimestampDiskReadgetEndpoint () override
 Retrieve the matching endpoint, if any. More...
std::string getHostname ()
 retrieves the hostname where read occurs More...
std::string getMount ()
 retrieves mount point of
- Public Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampType
 SimulationTimestampType ()
double getDate ()
 Retrieve the date recorded for this timestamp. More...

Protected Member Functions

 SimulationTimestampDiskRead (std::string hostname, std::string mount, double bytes, int counter)
 Constructor. More...
void setEndpoints ()
 Sets the endpoint of the calling object (SimulationTimestampDiskReadFailure, SimulationTimestampDiskReadTerminated, SimulationTimestampDiskReadStart) with a SimulationTimestampDiskReadStart object.

Protected Attributes

double bytes
 amount of bytes being read
int counter
 counter to differentiate reads
std::string hostname
 hostname of disk being read from
std::string mount
 mount point of disk being read from
- Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampPair
SimulationTimestampPairendpoint = nullptr
 An optional associated "endpoint" simulation timestamp.

Static Protected Attributes

static std::unordered_multimap< DiskAccess, SimulationTimestampDiskRead * > pending_disk_reads
 the data structure that holds the ongoing disk reads. More...

Detailed Description

A base class for simulation timestamps regarding disk reads.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimulationTimestampDiskRead()

wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::SimulationTimestampDiskRead ( std::string  hostname,
std::string  mount,
double  bytes,
int  counter 


hostnamehostname being read from
mountmountpoint of disk
bytesnumber of bytes read
counterAn integer ID

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBytes()

double wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::getBytes ( )

retrieves the amount of bytes being read

number of bytes as double

◆ getCounter()

int wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::getCounter ( )

To get counter of disk operation.

int of counter

◆ getEndpoint()

SimulationTimestampDiskRead * wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::getEndpoint ( )

Retrieve the matching endpoint, if any.

retrieves the corresponding SimulationTimestampDiskRead object

a pointer to the start or end SimulationTimestampDiskRead object

Reimplemented from wrench::SimulationTimestampPair.

◆ getHostname()

std::string wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::getHostname ( )

retrieves the hostname where read occurs

string of hostname

◆ getMount()

std::string wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::getMount ( )

retrieves mount point of read

string of mount point

Member Data Documentation

◆ pending_disk_reads

std::unordered_multimap< DiskAccess, SimulationTimestampDiskRead * > wrench::SimulationTimestampDiskRead::pending_disk_reads

the data structure that holds the ongoing disk reads.

A static unordered multimap of SimulationTimestampDiskReadStart objects that have yet to be matched with Failure, Terminated or Completion timestamps.

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