class VirtualizedClusterComputeService : public wrench::CloudComputeService

A virtualized cluster-based compute service.

Public Functions

VirtualizedClusterComputeService(const std::string &hostname, std::vector<std::string> &execution_hosts, const std::string &scratch_space_mount_point, WRENCH_PROPERTY_COLLECTION_TYPE property_list = {}, WRENCH_MESSAGE_PAYLOADCOLLECTION_TYPE messagepayload_list = {})


  • hostname – the name of the hostcreate on which to start the service

  • execution_hosts – the hosts available for running virtual machines

  • scratch_space_mount_point – the mount of of the scratch space of the cloud service (”” means none)

  • property_list – a property list ({} means “use all defaults”)

  • messagepayload_list – a message payload list ({} means “use all defaults”)