wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWriteFailure Class Reference

A simulation timestamp class for file write failure times. More...

#include <SimulationTimestampTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWriteFailure:
wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWrite wrench::SimulationTimestampPair wrench::SimulationTimestampType

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWrite
FileLocationgetDestination ()
 retrieves the location from which the WorkflowFile is being copied More...
SimulationTimestampFileWritegetEndpoint () override
 Retrieve the matching endpoint, if any. More...
WorkflowFilegetFile ()
 retrieves the WorkflowFile being written More...
StorageServicegetService ()
 retrieves the Service that ordered file write More...
WorkflowTaskgetTask ()
 retrieves task associated w/ file write More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampType
 SimulationTimestampType ()
double getDate ()
 Retrieve the date recorded for this timestamp. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWrite
 SimulationTimestampFileWrite (WorkflowFile *file, FileLocation *dst, StorageService *service, WorkflowTask *task=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
void setEndpoints ()
 Sets the endpoint of the calling object (SimulationTimestampFileWriteFailure, SimulationTimestampFileWriteTerminated, SimulationTimestampFileWriteStart) with a SimulationTimestampFileWriteStart object.
- Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWrite
 The location where the WorkflowFile was being write from.
 The WorkflowFile that was being write.
 Service that initiated the write.
 Task associated with write.
- Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampPair
SimulationTimestampPairendpoint = nullptr
 An optional associated "endpoint" simulation timestamp.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from wrench::SimulationTimestampFileWrite
static std::unordered_multimap< File, std::pair< SimulationTimestampFileWrite *, WorkflowTask * > > pending_file_writes
 the data structure that holds the ongoing file writes. More...

Detailed Description

A simulation timestamp class for file write failure times.

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