class CoordinateLookupAnswerMessage : public wrench::NetworkProximityMessage

A message sent by a NetworkProximityService in answer to a coordinate lookup request.

Public Functions

CoordinateLookupAnswerMessage(std::string requested_host, bool success, std::pair<double, double> xy_coordinate, double timestamp, double payload)


  • requested_host – the name of the host whose coordinates are being requested

  • success – whether coordinates where found or not

  • xy_coordinate – the (x,y) coordinate of the host

  • timestamp – the timestamp for the coordinates

  • payload – the message size in bytes

Public Members

std::string requested_host

The name of the host whose coordinates were requested

bool success

Whether the lookup was successful or not.

double timestamp

The timestamp of the oldest measurement data used to calculate the proximity value.

std::pair<double, double> xy_coordinate

The current (x,y) coordinates of the requested host.