class TraceFileLoader

A class that can load a job submission trace (a.k.a. supercomputer workload) in the SWF format (see http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/labs/parallel/workload/swf.html) and store it as a vector of simulation-relevant fields.

Public Static Functions

static std::vector<std::tuple<std::string, double, double, double, double, unsigned int, std::string>> loadFromTraceFile(std::string filename, bool ignore_invalid_jobs, double desired_submit_time_of_first_job)

Load the workflow trace file.

  • filename – the path to the trace file in SWF format or in JSON format

  • ignore_invalid_jobs – whether to ignore invalid job specifications

  • desired_submit_time_of_first_job – the desired submit of of the first job (-1 means “use whatever time is in the trace file”)




a vector of tuples, where each tuple is a job description with the following fields:

  • job id

  • submission time

  • actual time

  • requested time,

  • requested ram

  • requested number of nodes

  • username