class TerminalOutput

Color-enabling wrappers around Simgrid’s XBT_INFO, XBT_DEBUG, XBT_WARN logging macros.

Public Types

enum Color

Terminal output color enum.


enumerator COLOR_BLACK

Black text.

enumerator COLOR_RED

Red text.

enumerator COLOR_GREEN

Green text.

enumerator COLOR_YELLOW

Yellow text.

enumerator COLOR_BLUE

Blue text.

enumerator COLOR_MAGENTA

Magenta text.

enumerator COLOR_CYAN

Cyan text.

enumerator COLOR_WHITE

White text.

Public Static Functions

static void beginThisProcessColor()

Turn on colored output for the calling process.

static void disableColor()

Disable color terminal output for all processes.

static void endThisProcessColor()

Turn off colored output for the calling process.

static void setThisProcessLoggingColor(Color color)

Set the color of log messages printed to the terminal.


color – a terminal output color