class NextContactDaemonAnswerMessage : public wrench::NetworkProximityMessage

A message sent by a NetworkProximityService to a NetworkProximityDaemon to tell it which other NetworkProximityDaemons it should do measurements with next.

Public Functions

NextContactDaemonAnswerMessage(std::string next_host_to_send, std::shared_ptr<NetworkProximityDaemon> next_daemon_to_send, simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *next_mailbox_to_send, double payload)


  • next_host_to_send – the next host to contact

  • next_daemon_to_send – the next daemon to contact

  • next_mailbox_to_send – the next mailbox to contact

  • payload – the message size in bytes

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<NetworkProximityDaemon> next_daemon_to_send

The next NetworkProximityDaemon for the NetworkProximityDaemon to contact.

std::string next_host_to_send

The next host for the NetworkProximityDaemon to contact.

simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *next_mailbox_to_send

The next mailbox for the network daemon to contact.