class StorageServiceFileCopyAnswerMessage : public wrench::StorageServiceMessage

A message sent by a StorageService in answer to a file copy request.

Public Functions

StorageServiceFileCopyAnswerMessage(std::shared_ptr<DataFile> file, std::shared_ptr<FileLocation> src, std::shared_ptr<FileLocation> dst, std::shared_ptr<FileRegistryService> file_registry_service, bool file_registry_service_updated, bool success, std::shared_ptr<FailureCause> cause, double payload)


  • file – the file

  • src – the source location

  • dst – the destination location

  • file_registry_service – the file registry service to update (nullptr if none)

  • file_registry_service_updated – whether the file registry service was updated

  • success – true on success, false otherwise

  • failure_cause – the cause of a failure (nullptr if success==true)

  • payload – the message size in bytes



Public Members

std::shared_ptr<FileLocation> dst

The destination location.

std::shared_ptr<FailureCause> failure_cause

The cause of the failure, or nullptr if success.

std::shared_ptr<DataFile> file

The file was was copied, or not.

std::shared_ptr<FileRegistryService> file_registry_service

The file registry service that the user had requested be updated, or nullptr if none.

bool file_registry_service_updated

Whether a file registry service has been updated or not.

std::shared_ptr<FileLocation> src

The source location.

bool success

Whether the copy was successful.