class FileRegistryFileLookupByProximityAnswerMessage : public wrench::FileRegistryMessage

A message sent by a FileRegistryService in answer to a file lookup request, in which file locations are sorted by decreasing proximity to some reference host.

Public Functions

FileRegistryFileLookupByProximityAnswerMessage(std::shared_ptr<DataFile> file, std::string reference_host, std::map<double, std::shared_ptr<FileLocation>> locations, double payload)


  • file – the file to look up

  • reference_host – the host from which network proximity will be calculated from //

  • locations – the map of locations at which the file resides in ascending order with respect to their distance (network proximity) from ‘reference_host’

  • payload – the message size in bytes

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<DataFile> file

The file to lookup.

std::map<double, std::shared_ptr<FileLocation>> locations

A map of all locations where the file resides sorted with respect to their distance from the host ‘host_to_measure_from’.

std::string reference_host

The host from which network proximity will be measured from. If ‘host_to_measure_from’ is host ‘A’, and the workflow file resides at hosts ‘B’ and ‘C’, then the proximity will be computed between hosts ‘A’ and ‘B’, and hosts ‘A’ and ‘C’ so that the locations of the workflow file may be sorted with respect to their current network proximity value.