class ServiceTerminationDetector : public wrench::Service

A service that immediately detects when some service crashes and then notifies some other service of the crash.

Public Functions

explicit ServiceTerminationDetector(std::string host_on_which_to_run, std::shared_ptr<Service> service_to_monitor, simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *mailbox_to_notify, bool notify_on_crash, bool notify_on_termination)


  • host_on_which_to_run – the service’s host

  • service_to_monitor – which service to monitor

  • mailbox_to_notify – which mailbox to notify

  • notify_on_crash – whether to send a crash notification (in case of non-clean termination)

  • notify_on_termination – whether to send a termination notification (in case of clean termination)