class VirtualizedClusterComputeServiceMigrateVMRequestMessage : public wrench::VirtualizedClusterComputeServiceMessage

A message sent to a VirtualizedClusterComputeService to request a VM migration.

Public Functions

VirtualizedClusterComputeServiceMigrateVMRequestMessage(simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *answer_mailbox, const std::string &vm_name, const std::string &dest_pm_hostname, double payload)


  • answer_mailbox – the mailbox to which to send the answer

  • vm_name – the name of the new VM host

  • dest_pm_hostname – the name of the destination physical machine host

  • payload – the message size in bytes



Public Members

simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *answer_mailbox

The mailbox to which the answer message should be sent.

std::string dest_pm_hostname

The name of the host to which the VM should be migrated.

std::string vm_name

The name of the host on which the VM is currently executed.