class NetworkProximityDaemon : public wrench::Service

A daemon used by a NetworkProximityService to run network measurements (proximity is computed between two such running daemons)

Public Functions

NetworkProximityDaemon(Simulation *simulation, std::string hostname, simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *network_proximity_service_mailbox, double message_size, double measurement_period, double noise, int noise_seed, WRENCH_MESSAGE_PAYLOADCOLLECTION_TYPE messagepayload_list)


  • simulation – a pointer to the simulation object

  • hostname – the hostname on which to start the service

  • network_proximity_service_mailbox – the mailbox of the network proximity service

  • message_size – the size of the message to be sent between network daemons to compute proximity

  • measurement_period – the time-difference between two message transfer to compute proximity

  • noise – the noise to add to compute the time-difference

  • noise_seed – seed for the noise RNG

  • messagepayload_list – a message payload list