class JobManagerStandardJobFailedMessage : public wrench::JobManagerMessage

A message sent by the JobManager to notify some submitter that a StandardJob has failed.

Public Functions

JobManagerStandardJobFailedMessage(std::shared_ptr<StandardJob> job, std::shared_ptr<ComputeService> compute_service, std::map<std::shared_ptr<WorkflowTask>, WorkflowTask::State> necessary_state_changes, std::set<std::shared_ptr<WorkflowTask>> necessary_failure_count_increments, std::shared_ptr<FailureCause> cause)


  • job – the job that has failed

  • compute_service – the ComputeService on which it ran

  • necessary_state_changes – necessary task state changes

  • necessary_failure_count_increments – necessary task failure count increments

  • cause – the cause of the failure

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<FailureCause> cause

The cause of the failure.

std::shared_ptr<ComputeService> compute_service

The compute service on which the job has failed.

std::shared_ptr<StandardJob> job

The job that has failed.

std::set<std::shared_ptr<WorkflowTask>> necessary_failure_count_increments

The tasks whose failure counts need to be incremented.

std::map<std::shared_ptr<WorkflowTask>, WorkflowTask::State> necessary_state_changes

The task1 state change that should be made.