class JobManagerCompoundJobFailedMessage : public wrench::JobManagerMessage

A message sent by the JobManager to notify some submitter that a CompoundJob has failed.

Public Functions

JobManagerCompoundJobFailedMessage(std::shared_ptr<CompoundJob> job, std::shared_ptr<ComputeService> compute_service, std::shared_ptr<FailureCause> cause)

Message from by job manager to notify somebody of a standard job has failed to complete.

  • job – the job

  • compute_service – the compute service that did the job

  • cause – the failure cause

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<FailureCause> cause

The failure cause.

std::shared_ptr<ComputeService> compute_service

The compute service on which the job has failed.

std::shared_ptr<CompoundJob> job

The job that has failed.