class WorkloadTraceFileReplayer : public wrench::ExecutionController

A service that goes through a job submission trace (as loaded by a TraceFileLoader), and “replays” it on a given BatchComputeService.

Public Functions

WorkloadTraceFileReplayer(std::string hostname, std::shared_ptr<BatchComputeService> batch_service, unsigned long num_cores_per_node, bool use_actual_runtimes_as_requested_runtimes, std::vector<std::tuple<std::string, double, double, double, double, unsigned int, std::string>> &workload_trace)


  • hostname – the name of the host on which the trace file replayer will be started

  • batch_service – the BatchComputeService service to which it submits jobs

  • num_cores_per_node – the number of cores per host on the BatchComputeService service

  • use_actual_runtimes_as_requested_runtimes – if true, use actual runtimes as requested runtimes

  • workload_trace – the workload trace to be replayed