class HostStateChangeDetector : public wrench::Service

A service that detects and reports on host state changes (turned on, turned off)

Public Functions

explicit HostStateChangeDetector(std::string host_on_which_to_run, std::vector<std::string> hosts_to_monitor, bool notify_when_turned_on, bool notify_when_turned_off, bool notify_when_speed_change, std::shared_ptr<S4U_Daemon> creator, simgrid::s4u::Mailbox *mailbox_to_notify, WRENCH_PROPERTY_COLLECTION_TYPE property_list = {})


  • host_on_which_to_run – hosts on which this service runs

  • hosts_to_monitor – the list of hosts to monitor

  • notify_when_turned_on – whether to send a notifications when hosts turn on

  • notify_when_turned_off – whether to send a notifications when hosts turn off

  • notify_when_speed_change – whether to send a notification when hosts change speed

  • creator – the service that created this service (when its creator dies, so does this service)

  • mailbox_to_notify – the mailbox to notify

  • property_list – a property list

void kill()

Kill the service.